National treasures dated the Nguyen's era in Hue.
: 10/02/2020 03:53:33

Once the headquarter of Dang Trong area (Southern Vietnam/Cochinchina) in the time of Nguyen Lords, the capital of Tay Son dynasty and then the national capital under the reign of Nguyen emperors, Hue is the cradle of the most unique and diversified cultural heritages in Vietnam, among them are many heritages honored worldwide. Besides, Hue has also kept many precious artifacts of the Nguyen recognized as National Treasures. With unique values of culture, history and art, the National Treasures of the Nguyen in Hue have become symbolic images for Hue royal cultural values.

Continuing the special themes on the collections of Hue Royal Antiquities Museum, the book on “National treasures dated the Nguyen's era in Hue” will introduce to readers the typical and special values of these National Treasures.

The bilingual book in Vietnamese and English with hardcover, size 23cm x 25cm, 247 pages, published by Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House in January 2020, available for sale at Hue Royal Antiquities Museum (Hue Monuments Conservation Center). Price: 399 000đ.

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