Enamelled bronze wares under the Nguyen dynasty
: 14/02/2019 04:30:09
Phap lam (also called phap lang) is a kind of products with bronze base (or copper-base alloy), coated with polychrome enamel then fired. The enamelled bronze wares were original from Europe, then introduced to China, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

In 1827, emperor Minh Mang set up the workshop of enamelled bronze wares specialized in producing ritual and daily use items with large quantity, or items for interior and exterior decoration of architectural buildings in Hue capital city. Hue enamelled bronze wares are the Painted enamels (the technique of coating the metal base with a layer of monochrome enamel and painting decorative designs in polychrome enamel then firing). The art of making enamelled bronze wares developed under the reigns of Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc then lost. Today, Hue enamelled bronze wares have been restored and used in architectural decoration, items for daily use, souvenirs.


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