Bronze Cauldrons in the period of Nguyen Lord
: 14/02/2019 04:33:49
The collection of Bronze Cauldrons in the period of Nguyen Lord was composed of 10 ones with different sizes and weight, cast under the reign of Lord Nguyen Phuc Tan (1648-1687) to symbolize the power and the lastingness of the Dang Trong (Inner region) government.

The Bronze Cauldrons were cast at different times in the 17th century, the one with the earliest date is 1659 and the latest one is 1684. Based on the Chinese characters carved on some bronze cauldrons such as (one pair); (two pairs); (three pairs), etc. we can confirm that, at that time, the number of bronze cauldrons cast was more than the existing number. However, experiencing the wars and the change of dynasties, many of them are no longer existant. 

There is date, weight, and number of bronze cauldrons inscribed on the mouth of each cauldron if it is a pair (2 pieces) or a set (3 pieces).

Among the objects, relics in the period of the Nguyen Lord remaining to this day, in terms of size and quantity, the collection of bronze cauldrons was the biggest homogeneous objects. The collection of the bronze cauldrons in Nguyen Lord is not only unified in type, style (cylinder, deep and concave bottom) and diverse in size, weight but also fine artworks showing the inheritance of the Thang Long original culture and the creativity of inhabitants of the new land of Dang Trong (Inner region) in the 17th century. That creativity was the result of the combination of indigenous culture with exotic factors - the result of the exchange with Western culture in receiving the bronze casting technology of the Dutch in this period.

In addition to the traditional decorative motifs of Vietnam such as the Bodhi leaf, flowers, birds, dragon-shaped handles, on the Bronze Cauldrons there are strange decorative motifs of Western style art. This shows that these cauldrons are most likely to be cast under the guidance of foreigners during their stay in the Dang Trong (Inner Region) government that was quite popular at that time.

Thus, these 10 Bronze Cauldrons are meager but very typical evidences of the art and technique of bronze casting in the period of Nguyen Lord.

In 2015, collection of Bronze Cauldrons in the period of Nguyen lord were recognized as the National Treasures of Vietnam.

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