Exhibition "Royal Treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty"
: 14/02/2019 04:26:26
(Hue City, December 06, 2016), Hue Monuments Conservation Centre cooperates with Vietnam National Museum of History to organize the exhibition "Royal Treasures of the Nguyen dynasty" at Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities (03 Le Truc Street, Hue City).

The "Royal Treasures of the Nguyen dynasty" introduced on this occasion include the antiques representing the supreme power of Nguyen emperors and the dynasty such as the royal seals, royal books, emperors' swords or royal ritual weapons as well as royal daily-used accessories reflecting the Nguyen dynasty's royal activities and ceremonies. All of the mentioned treasures were made of precious materials like gold, gem, and different kinds of precious stone, etc. that have been handed down throughout generations.

Since Nguyen dynasty stopped its historical role in 1945, most treasures of Nguyen dynasty were moved to Hanoi for the possible greatest security during the war time pursuant to the Decree No. 65 signed on November 23, 1945 of the Provisional Government's President Ho Chi Minh about the relic preservation and antique destruction forbidden in Vietnam. This is the very first time that Hue receives such a large number of Nguyen dynasty's extremely-precious antiques.

The exhibition "Royal Treasures of the Nguyen dynasty" held by Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and National Historical Museum helps return home the antiques for the desire of the public exploration.

On this occasion, the publication of Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities (Vol.8) specializing in Wooden antiques and a catalogue of the exhibition will be introduced.

The exhibition will be daily opened from December 06, 2016 till January 05, 2017 at Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities (03 Le Truc Street, Hue City).

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