Exhibition at Hieu Tomb (tomb of emperor Minh Mang)
: 24/08/2018 02:19:38
On the occasion of Lunar New Year 2012 and the 177th deathday anniversary of emperor Minh Mạng (1841 - 2018), on February 12, 2018, the exhibition was opened at Sung An temple to introduce some antiques relating to emperor Minh Mang to commemorate, honor and affirm the great contribution of this emperor to the history of the nation.

Emperor Minh Mang was the fourth son of emperor Gia Long and empress Thuan Thien Empress Tran Thi Dang. As a smart and decisive Confucian scholar, emperor Minh Mang has turned the country into a powerful country with the largest territory in the nation's history. 

In 20 years of his reign, emperor Minh Mang applied many important policies in different fields: reformed the administrative system locally and nationally, re-organized the military structure, unified the measurement sytem and clothing principles, paid much attention to the agricultural development, maintained and promoted the education combined with martial training to select the talents, protected the national sovereignty in land and over sea. He left a huge amount of tangible and intangible heritages; many of them were recognized at the national and international levels, such as the complex of architectures, court music, imperial woodblocks and records, literatures carved on royal architectures, etc.


At his tomb, a small replica of the whole structure planning is on display at the Left House together with many documentary photos in order to give the general view of the tomb's location and topographical features. The focus of exhibition about emperor Minh Mang is placed inside Sung An temple with related ancient artefacts to illustrate some activities under his reign. 

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