Exhibition on Corridor of Forbidden Purple City
: 14/02/2019 04:21:39
In more than 50 architectures in the Forbidden Purple City, the Corridor system is a subsidiary architecture but plays an important role. It not only is the walkway with roof but also connects all buildings in this area, creating a complex of diversified architectures. Existing for nearly 200 years with other buildings in the Forbidden Purple City, the Corridor system was seriously damaged. In April 2016, Hue Monuments Conservation Center restored completely and organized the inauguration of the 760-meter-long Corridor system, contributing to the gradual restoration of Hue Imperial City.

Besides the original function, the Corridor system today has become a place for special exhibitions of Hue Royal Antiquities Museum (Hue Monuments Conservation Center) with many topics in different times, enriching the tour program and providing a lot of information with documents, pictures, photos, literature, etc. It has been an ideal interesting stopover for visitors to experience Hue Cultural Heritage through images with many different angles.

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