Exhibition "Hue - one destination five heritages"
: 14/02/2019 04:23:51

Ta Vu (Left House) and Huu Vu (Right House) were two annexes of Can Chanh palace in Hue Forbidden City. In these construction, the civil mandarins (Ta Vu) and military mandarins (Huu Vu) prepared themselves for court ceremonies; They were also function as administrative office of the Secret Institute and the royal banquet rooms in great ceremonies of the court. Both building were built in the early nineteenth century, these constructions were repaired many times under the Nguyen Emperors. Especially, under Khai Dinh Emperor (in 1923), Ta Vu building and Huu Vu building were renovated with great changes in structure, materials, decoration forms... 
During the war, Ta Vu building and Huu Vu building were seriously degraded and restored in 1977, 1986, 1997-1999. In 2012, the decorating system of walls and ceilings which were drawing in European style with motifs reflecting the traditional themes of Hue Imperial culture. These have been restored to the original. 
Nowadays, while the Huu Vu building has been used for tourist service, Ta Vu building has become an interesting stopover for visitors with the special exhibition "Hue - one destination five heritages". The exhibition introduces many images, research works, original objects about 5 heritages: The complex of Hue Monuments - the World Cultural Heritage (1993), Vietnamese Court music – Nha nhac (Nguyen dynasty): the Representative of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (2003) and the Three World Documentary Heritages: the Woodblocks of Nguyen dynasty (2009), the Imperial Records of Nguyen dynasty (2014), the Royal Literature on Hue royal architecture (2016).
Visiting Ta Vu building, visitors not only learn about the historic function, architectural value of the construction but also have a fuller view of the cultural heritages of Hue old capital, as well as exciting experience from the revival of ancient royal activity (Huu Vu).

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